Coocoo love

android, ios, ui/ux design

Coocoo Love is a bright and original dating app that helps you to take care of your social life and find a date on the basis of a number of adjustable parameters such as age, height, zodiac sign and many others.

About the Project

Year by year, era by era, millions of lonely hearts want to give love and need to feel loved. Some are ready to accept their loneliness without reflection while others try to make it anything better. The age of Information Technology has brought a wonderful opportunity that neither of lonely people should ignore — online dating. Although an online dating industry a variety of products, it's easy to make a mistake in choosing a soul mate because of the imperfect functions and search algorithms dating services and applications have.


CEO of the Coocoo Love project, Bogdan Tryboi, wanted to work out the problem. The solution has not been long in coming, so Bogdan decided to create a dating app that allows users to search for mates and friends by a number of parameters such as appearance, age, name, height, weight, the zodiac sign and others.


Our team had to create a dating application with a simple and user-friendly interface. A distinctive feature of the application was the dial of the clock in the upper middle part of the screen. At the top of the hour, there will be a photo from the profile of the person who was selected by the search algorithms as a mate for the app’s user.


The final set of functions and characteristics includes:

  • An ability to login into and sign up in the application using different social networks or email;
  • A large number of adjustable parameters as a criterion for finding a mate;
  • Automatic searching for a mate and sending notifications of the results every hour;
  • An ability find a mate located near the current location of the user, or at any other place pointed by him or her on the map.


The Coocoo Love development team included: UI/UX Designer, Back-End Developer, Android and iOS Developers, QA Engineers and Project Manager. We started the app development from scratch. Project Manager assigned tasks and responsibilities to the team members and ensured precise and coordinated teamwork.


First of all, we built the information architecture of the application, and then the UI/UX Designer logically structured, organized, and created a single style of interface elements. We created several color options for the app’s interface and let our Client to choose the one he likes the most. As a result, the Client chose white color as the main one and shades of purple and lilac colors as the auxiliary ones.


PHP7 and Laravel5 framework was used for developing back-end. The product database was created using MySQL, and real-time chat function became possible due to the Firebase platform.


We used the RxJava2 and RxSwift reactive libraries to develop the project on Android and iOS devices accordingly. As a result, this solution allowed Coocoo Love applications to be responsive, resilient, elastic, and message-driven. Android Developer also used the Android SDK, the Facebook SDK, the Twitter SDK, the Google+ SDK, the Vkontakte SDK, the Odnoklassniki SDK, the Retrofit2, and the Crashlytics, and the rest of the tools iOS Developer utilized were Alamofire, AsyncDisplayKit, SnapKit, Realm, Iottie-ios, and Fabric.


A well-coordinated work of our team and the use of the latest design and development tools has led to the creation of a unique product, developed in accordance with Client’s wishes and requests. We also included some of the ideas we came up with during the project development in the app functionality. The final solution includes a broad range of functions and an extensive back-end for load balancing.


The bright design and user-friendly interface successfully complement each other and round out the concept of the app.