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Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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20+ Best Mobile App ideas for startups

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20+ great mobile app ideas

Users spend up to 86% of their time using a smartphone on apps according to statistics. More than 50% of transactions and online purchases go through mobile apps, and this figure is increasing every year. Agree that to carry out all operations - from ordering sushi to organizing your own business - via a smartphone is more comfortable. For this reason, a large part of the audience prefers mobile applications than desktop services. Changes in consumer consciousness stimulate the rapid development of the smartphone software market. However, only 4% of apps reach the target audience, get a high rating, and bring real profit to developers. The other 96% remain in the shade.

Is it possible to get into this happy 4% and develop a profitable mobile app without special skills? The answer is yes. We will give you the 20 best apps to make money for your inspiration.

  1. Poor roads or dangerous sections of the highway

Each state has its own situation with roads. And in many countries, such an app would be impractical. But even residents of such countries sometimes travel abroad to relatives or friends in their cars. Sometimes the condition of roads in another country can unpleasantly surprise. The same applies to travel on mountain slopes.

If you create an app where motorists mark bad and good sections of roads in different colors, this information can then be analyzed using special programs. As a result, there is a wonderful opportunity to make a rating of high-quality routes and highways. Going on a trip, people will be able to take into account the assessment of roads by other tourists and plan their route most conveniently.

  1. Car care assistant

It’s a lot of work to create apps from this category, but the result will be app to make money. The idea is that the user, having entered the make, model, and year of manufacture of his car, can get information about when and how to change consumables, and after which run you need to visit the service station in the order of scheduled maintenance.

If the app has enough tips on how to independently provide care for your car where you can objectively do without the help of masters. The application can become a real helper for novice motorists who have just recently got their own vehicles. It is important that, in addition to text prompts, there should be photos with different stages in the performance of a particular task. Such visualization is simply necessary for beginners.

  1. Beauty calendar with reminders

Despite the fact that even the simplest gadget has a reminder function, users often need more systematic processing and storage of information. For women, this often applies to planned cosmetic procedures. An app in which one could set such reminders and make the necessary calculations would be an excellent assistant for beauties. At the same time, the very segment of creating such applications is practically inexhaustible for implementing a wide variety of ideas. Therefore, developers have something to compete with.

  1. Create an invoice

When the user buys any product, all the details of the order must be received by the buyer. Using this app, the person can scan the barcode of the goods, generate an invoice, and receive it on his phone.

  1. Online presentation

Sometimes it is difficult to prepare a presentation for your team. Using a cloud-based Android app, this tedious process will be eliminated. All team members can collaborate and contribute online.

  1. Shipping services

How often did you find a responsible and accurate cargo transportation service? This is really a problem. When you need to move to new housing or move some kind of cargo, the user is helped with transportation. The service is looking for a suitable company near home to save time and money.

  1. Table reservation

With this app, any user can easily book a specific table in a particular restaurant in advance. If suddenly it became necessary to mark any event, then this application will assist in choosing a place in large restaurants or pubs.

  1. Gift delivery without visiting the store

In a busy schedule, it can be difficult to find the time to go around all the city’s shops for a gift, right? We have great app ideas that haven't been made. This application will allow you to order the delivery of a gift or flowers from the store directly to the customer.

  1. Cooking

It often happens that a person either does not have a desire, or there is no opportunity to go to the store and buy new products. But he wonders what dishes can be prepared from those ingredients that are available. As a result, an application that suggests recipes from the available ingredients can be very handy. Both for the individual menu, and for festive occasions.

It is worth noting that the idea itself is not something new. Therefore, counting calories in the diet, developing diet menus with an emphasis on certain vitamins, reminders of the actual seasonal fruits and vegetables in different areas - all these options can be successfully combined in modern mobile culinary applications.

  1. Anti-thief

Using this tool, the user will be able to send a signal to the police department about any crime detected. In addition, this cool app may include a database with useful information about criminal activities in the city.

  1. Engineering and interior design

It's so hard to think through everything you need for a comfortable living environment, is it? But experimenting with a budget is not an option. This app is created to help with the design of living space. The user takes a picture of the room and applies various designs, patterns, and elements to the picture, achieving an ideal room.

  1. Parking spaces

Park at rush hour? No kidding! Using this quick money making app, the user can easily access free parking spaces located next to him in accordance with GPS coordinates.

  1. Tinder for a musician

Finding talented musicians is not difficult, but nobody canceled the communication problem. This app will help musicians who are just starting their careers but have not found their place. It will also give a list of events where you can speak with your group.

  1. Calling the wizard using an app

Often, each of us needs the help of an electrician, plumber, etc. This new app idea will allow you to find and call a qualified specialist in a matter of minutes, so that help will always come on time.

  1. Search for a university

Young applicants have a difficult task in choosing an educational institution from their huge list. This application will help to understand all the details of universities, depending on location and desired specialization.

  1. Search for a tutor

The great mobile app idea will appeal to students who want to find an assistant/tutor for a particular subject. The application will allow you to contact a tutor, find out all the details, and start classes.

  1. Relationship assistant

It will be useful to those who do not understand how to communicate with the opposite sex. When registering, only your gender is indicated, starting points are awarded and it becomes possible to ask a question that is sent to a completely random user, points are written off for this. When you answer other people's questions, points are awarded to you. With this app, users can solve family, friendship, work problems, and global.

  1. Instant invitation

Are you planning to invite some friends to dinner? The mobile app can help you send instant messages to your friends and invite them to your home in just a few minutes. The tech startup idea will keep track of people who accepted and rejected your invitation.

  1. Vacation and travel planning

Holidays are the best times when people become tourists and look for online options for the coolest destinations. As a mobile app developer, you should understand that there is a shortage of apps that can provide detailed information about the various destinations for the holidays. Such applications should contain audio information for users to rely on. You can create a vacation app that offers advanced features, including costing, finding a taxi or bus, restaurant and bar, cultural events and entertainment, and much more. This is one of the best business ideas to make money. Therefore, try to be more useful and show options that are not offered by any other application, for example, places that are not so much studied. Connect with hotels and even managers to generate a healthy revenue stream for your application.

  1. All social networks All-in-one

Today, social media has become a hugely popular platform for millions of people hanging there for days. If one user has accounts in several networks (3-5), it is very inconvenient to switch between them. This app will allow users to transfer all the major social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter in one place and link them for greater convenience.

  1. Search for a taxi mate

Such an app may become especially relevant for people who get to their area at night from the city center. It is likely that in a nearby (or even the same) club or restaurant, there are people with whom to return along the way. This will help almost double the money saved by a taxi.

It is quite obvious that applications of this type are optimal both in terms of promotion and in the context of monetization. Typically, such IT services focus on long trips to other cities or even countries. However, there are many people who, due to their rhythm of life or relaxation, often use taxis in the city. They are also not against saving.

  1. Food delivery

When people are on a tight schedule or guests are on the doorstep, they often do not have enough time to cook their own meals. Well, or because of fatigue, there simply isn’t any. In this case, you can become a developer of a creative mobile application that will help users order food on time at their favorite restaurant. This idea of ​​a mobile application can flourish in an excellent and successful startup, because users will undoubtedly appreciate the ability to quickly access the restaurants and cafes listed in the application, having booked the necessary dishes and the desired delivery time.

The field of mobile apps is developing very rapidly. If you want to market a product that will be effectively monetized, you need to conduct a comprehensive analysis of those similar applications that already exist. You may not be able to win user preferences with the total uniqueness of the concept. But then you need to do, at least, so that your application is more attractive to the user in its options. Then you can count on the fact that it will look interesting and timely for 2020.

Any ideas for your mobile app? Write to us by e-mail and we will help you with its implementation.

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