Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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Costless - new MarTech platform created by Sannacode company

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In 2017 software outsourcing company Sannacode has created a new MarTech platform - Costless. This is both a mobile application and a web platform that help shoppers save money, time and energy; businesses - interact with their customers efficiently and build/grow loyalty. 

The first customer segment of Costless is shoppers. We developed a mobile application for Android and iOS devices that enables users to create shopping lists, compare prices on goods and products across grocery stores, get information about deals & special offers, search stores nearby, keep discount cards, earn bonuses and as a result - make better shopping decisions.

The second segment is businesses such as retailers, manufacturers, and brands. The market success of these companies depends on built communication with their consumers. The creation of a marketing strategy depends on the proper analysis and usage of information obtained through market researches.

Costless is a new platform that allows getting more accurate and real-time behavior analytics from hundreds of thousands of users that visit stores and make their day-to-day purchases. 

Behavior analytical data obtained from the application can become the basis for businesses in making such decisions:

  • segmentation of the target audience (basic demographic and geographic parameters, shopping habits, special nutritional models - diets, exclusion of allergic products, etc.)


  • building a pricing policy based on consumption trends, seasonality, and competitive price comparison


  • making the choice of an entire marketing strategy based on the construction of behavioral patterns of customers


  • establishing direct communication with the customers by providing personalized offers and receiving direct feedback


  • competitor analysis by selected parameters

One of the most important advantages of Costless is the ability to make predictions. Large volumes of data collected from hundreds of thousands of users allow us to give the most accurate analytics with minimal errors. This fact allows us to build predictions about consumption volumes, and as a result - optimize production processes for manufacturers and save their money.

Nowadays MarTech platforms are driving tools to many companies, because of providing only actual and needed information for using in production, logistics, marketing and a lot of other areas. 

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Sannacode makes web and mobile apps for clients and provides tech extended teams. With expertise in every step of the creation process, Sannacode teams have the talent and focus to create customized solutions in areas: retail, automotive, sports, crowdfunding, healthcare, CRM, helpdesk, recruiting systems, management systems, IoT and other.Sannacode teams love logical, technical challenges, do understand the business side and deliver the success.


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