CTO of Sannacode company was elected to the Board of Kyiv IT Cluster

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In 2017 software development company Sannacode became an advanced member of Kyiv IT Cluster. More than 2 years we are part of a team that creates a new era of the Ukrainian IT industry. 

In October 2019 the regular election to the Board of IT Cluster was held. And we are proud to announce that Sergey Shcherbanenko, CTO & Co-founder of Sannacode, was elected to the Board. 

You can see the full list of members at the link. 

This is a new milestone for Sannacode. And the new challenges are ahead. We are ready to take part in all the processes, to help with cluster’s activities scaling, and to unify all IT teams from the whole Kyiv for one goal - IT ecosystem development. 

A lot of great events are behind, but the biggest one is ahead! So, Sannacode is ready to work hard and labor for a common goal!

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Sannacode is a full-cycle software development company based in Kyiv. Mobile apps, web platforms, UI/UX design/illustrations, BA, QA & Testing. We work in such domains: e-Commerce, Martech, Healthcare, e-Learning, Social networks & platforms, Sports, IoT, Entertainment, White labeling platforms, etc.

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