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Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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How to create a news website?

Web development

7 steps to starting a news website

Today, you can use the web development opportunity to launch your online business. If some IT products require careful examination, the news site is based on content.

You can choose a narrow niche and cover news in a specific industry or region. You can also use international information on your news portal.

Many nuances determine whether your news site will be successful or not. But if you do everything right at the first stage, then dividends will not keep you waiting.

Based on the experience of the case Avtostop Press, we will tell you how to create a news website.

Define target audience and niche

At the first stage, it is essential to determine the target audience. To successfully launch a news site, you need to find a unique niche. Then you can boost your development and get your first profit earlier.

Of course, you can make a global news site and copy news from popular sites like the BBC, Fox News, or The New York Times. However, such a project will be doomed to failure, since your content will not be unique, you will lag in time, and search engines will not rank your resource highly.

Fighting the giants is a failed strategy. You need to choose a specific niche and focus on a particular target audience. For example, you can select the place "sports news" and the target audience "athletes,” "Europeans," or "American students.”

You can talk about sports in the context of gambling, sports events, science and medicine, entertainment, show business (celebrity news), marketing, etc. You can pair any topic you are familiar with in this way.

The most winning approach is to choose a niche with a minimum number of competitors and a reasonably large audience. The size of the audience is essential, as the income of the site will depend on it. For example, you can publish news about events in some small, unknown town. You most likely will not have competitors, as well as readers and advertisers.

We advise you to choose a niche that you are good at. It will make it easier for you to create content and understand the needs of your audience.

Use Google Trends to keep track of the relevance of your chosen topic. Also, before launching a news site, check for competitors and their performance. Take advantage of your competitors' vulnerabilities to make your news site high-quality and attractive to your audience.

Of course, when choosing a niche for a news site, it is vital to check that you have enough news.

Choose a business model

Before developing a news site, you must decide on a monetization scheme.

The way news sites work is simple - you or your employees search for news, rewrite it, and publish it on your site. But the ways to monetize a news portal can be different.

The first step is to engage your audience. As traffic to your site grows, advertisers will come to you. You can use one of the following method or a combination of several:

  1. Advertisements. The most popular way to monetize news sites with a large number of subscribers is through banner ads and native ads. You can assign ad spots, format content, and control advertisers’ quality based on your audience’s needs. Also, you can integrate Google Ads ads into your news site. In this case, Google's algorithms are responsible for this.

  2. Freemium. You can drive traffic to your news site through popular topics and content. In this case, you will pay for access to important content. Users will be required to subscribe to a monthly or yearly subscription.

  3. Selling individual articles. You can publish authors or technical articles and charge a fee for them. You can sell access to selected content to your readers for a one-time price. Typically, such a model is used by specialized news portals that publish news with comments and analysis by specialists.

  4. Referral links. You can place affiliate links inside popular articles. And get a percentage of the clicks or purchases made through your referral link.

Brand name and domain purchase

The name is an essential part of the brand. The title should reveal the essence, so visitors will intuitively understand what is at stake.

It is also worth considering the semantic features of the name. Think about whether your audience will perceive the title correctly.

For example, the United States has The Washington Post, so if you call yourself The Springfield Post, Americans will understand Springfield news. In other countries, people might think that this is the Springfield postal site.

On the other hand, if your audience uses slang, jargon, or specific terms, you can use them in your title to show your affiliation with the topic. If you want to write about news in the tech world, you can use tags like Geek news, Geek word, or Geek report.

Once you've decided on a name for your news site, it's worth buying a domain right away.

If you are writing for audiences worldwide, choose the top-level domain .com, .info, or .news. If you plan to create regional news, it is better to use a second-level domain, for example, or A correctly chosen domain name will help search robots to identify you and rank you higher correctly.

Of course, it is better to use a domain in the .news zone, since this will immediately indicate the specifics of the site and at the same time make it easier for yourself to choose a name.

You can check the beginning of the selected domain on the Checkdomain website or similar.

Interesting domain names are often busy. So come up with several possible combinations.

If everything is busy, use acronyms and abbreviations. Just remember that they should also indicate news and niche.

News site development

After you have decided on the direction of your news portal and the method of monetization, you can proceed to the development of the project.

You may have several different options here. You can use ready-made templates or order custom development.

Naturally, custom development will make all your ideas and killer features come true. Besides, you can create the unique web design that will distinguish you from the leading news portals.

You can order a custom news site development on the Sannacode website.

The most popular CMS for news sites is WordPress. It is used by 30% of all websites, including Forbes, The New York Times, CNN, Wall Street Journal, and National Geographic.

CMS WordPress is free. It is effortless and responsive and has many themes and plugins, some of which are free and paid.

More often than not, news sites are similar. UI/UX design consisting of a news feed, sidebars with links to relevant analytical texts and interviews, and advertising in the form of banners, pop-ups, and videos. Remember that a lot of ads annoy users and reduce brand loyalty and trust.

You can move away from templates and make unique designs by examining your audience's preferences. It will help you succeed faster and build a website for making money and a recognizable brand.

Select content sources

While your news site is under construction, you should consider filling it out. Content plays a vital role in the success of a news site. Therefore, it is crucial to think in advance about where you will take the news. There are some of the most common options:

  1. News aggregators. These are particular websites that parse news headlines from various news portals and link to the original texts. You can use appropriate hashtags and categories to search for news in your chosen niche. However, we advise you to check the accuracy and reliability of the information since such resources are not the primary source.

  2. Official websites of government agencies, companies, non-profit organizations, and individuals. If you have chosen a very highly specialized niche, then you can track updates from primary sources. It is the best source for reliable information. However, you should not only copy the content but also add your comments and expert opinion.

  3. Other news sites. As in any other industry, there are giants with a long history, such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, or Nature. Such resources provide a unique opportunity to study analytics, interviews, and insights. They set trends and provide direction for development.

  4. Social media pages and blogs. You cannot ignore this source. Because on social networks you can find the latest news in the first person. Subscribe to all celebrities, influencers, influencers in your niche - be the first to know about all the information.

  5. Insider information. If you have inside information in a narrow niche, you can share it on your site. It is unique content that will help you get into trends and get others to copy and link to you.

Observe content copyright

All content is copyrighted by default. Therefore, it is essential to correctly use all the information that you take from other sources.

Each country has its copyright laws for text, images, and videos. Some countries also have other restrictions related to the propaganda of terrorism, racism, religious intolerance, and others. In other places, propaganda of homosexuality, foreign religion, and ideology is prohibited.

You should carefully study all restrictions and prohibitions associated with the distribution and copyrighting of content to avoid legal action.

Also, the uniqueness of the client affects its promotion and ranking. Nobody knows the exact algorithms for ranking sites. However, SEO experts note that sites with unique content are ranked higher. Copyright infringement and the use of prohibited topics can lead to a shadowban or blocking.

When copying content from other sources, you should keep a link to the head or indicate the author.

Reposts are not considered content borrowing.

Develop a marketing strategy

When your product is ready, you should start marketing and promoting your news site. Your goal is to attract as many target audiences as possible.

Use the promotion channels that your target audience uses. For example, millennials prefer to read the news on their Facebook feed. The older generation gives preference to one trusted publication that reflects their political and ethical choices. Another example: women prefer Instagram, men prefer YouTube. And there are a lot of such nuances.

You should explore all the pains, interests, and needs of your target audience to influence them.

Use all available resources to promote, respecting the laws of the genre.

Some sites will need to use clickbait titles to increase visitor popularity and engagement.

To create a news site, you need a team of experts from engineers, designers, business analysts, and marketers. You can fill out the form below on the Sannacode website to get free advice on building a news website.

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