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How much to create a dating app?

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Dating App Development Cost


Before starting a dating service, the question always arises: “How much does it cost to build a dating application?” We decided to calculate the approximate cost of developing an app like Tinder, based on time costs and average rates in Eastern Europe. The development of a dating app with basic functions can cost $ 24,765-29,835. However, the cost will vary depending on your needs and desires.

Today we will tell you how much it costs to develop a dating application and what features a dating should have.


How Does Dating App Work?


According to Mark Kelly, an analyst with Nomura Instinet, a Japanese holding company, the global online dating market will reach $ 12 billion in 2020. “About half of Internet users are single, and we assume that in 2020, 20% of them will be ready to use online services “acquaintances, which means 310 million people all over the world, excluding China,” said Kelly.

Today in the world there are about 8000 services for online dating, and every year their number increases by a thousand. Conventionally, they are divided into three categories: services based on character compatibility, location, and intended for a special audience.

Today, in conditions of a glut of the market by large players, at the peak of popularity are niche sites and dating apps.

Dating services are segmented

By sexual preference:

  1. The app for homosexual men American Grindr, which appeared in 2009, for women - Her
  2. Partner search services for sex group Feeld (before rebranding - 3nder) and Op3n, Whiplr for BDSM lovers

By interest:

  1. Hater app where you can find a person who hates the same thing as you, Trek Passions - an app for science fiction fans, Equestrian Cupid - for horseback lovers, Tastebuds, where users find partners who share their musical tastes.

For political reasons:

  1. The Trump Singles dating site is for anyone who shares the views of Donald Trump.

By food preference:

  1. Gluten-Free Singles promises to help find a gluten-free partner.

By religion:

  1. ChristianMingle focused on Christian dating, or “” - only for Orthodox, online dating club for Jews Sara & Rashel, for Muslims -

By occupation:

  1. CIS-based LinkYou with the option of choosing a partner in the profession or a more narrowly segmented Farmers Only —American dating site for farmers.

By features of appearance:

  1. a mobile app for men with a beard and their admirers Bristlr, dating site Tall Friends, designed exclusively for tall people, Feabie service for men and women who are overweight, Ugly Dating website for those who consider themselves an unsympathetic person, or - for people confident in their own attractiveness.

By location:

  1. the French Happn app for meeting people who visit the same places.

By income level:

  1. Luxy, Sudy is a dating site for wealthy people, for those who are looking for “sponsorship” relationships.

By nationality:

  1. Anaem site, designed for dating among Tatars, AsiaMe among Asians, JSwipe among Jews.
  2. Unlike the niche services targeted at a strictly defined target audience that are gaining in popularity, the main players in the online dating market remain dating apps like Tinder, Badoo, eHarmony, Match.


Tinder algorithms


A few years ago, the owners of the application allowed reporter Austin Carr to look at Tinder’s internal rating and told him some details about how the user selection process works. So, the application uses the same rating system for calculating the skill level of chess players. Depending on how many people like or dislike you, you are assigned a rating. The more users "rejects" you, the less popular you are.

After that, Tinder begins to serve people with the same rating, suggesting that their views and lifestyle may coincide. Algorithms take into account the similarity mainly with respect to the only appearance, therefore it is not surprising that it is rather difficult to find a person who is close in spirit. Even if you look like someone outwardly, this does not guarantee the coincidence of views and interests.

However, the application continues to be updated, which means that the algorithms do not standstill. In Tinder, users publish not only their photos but also share links to Spotify and Instagram, which also affects the scoring methods. Two other factors that Tinder takes into account: location and age. The application tries to select people who are suitable for these two parameters, but the final result still depends more on the external attractiveness of the user.


Features of Dating Application


The dating app can be either simple in functional terms, or rich and multifaceted. But there are a number of functions that must be in any app. Thanks to the availability of these tools and opportunities, attracting new users, and keeping the database of profiles will be easier.


User registration


Registration is a necessary step to enter the dating mobile app. Many users do not like to go through this stage, but it is inevitable if the goal is a real acquaintance and communication with the opposite sex.

The most effective way to register is through social networks. Firstly, it is fast for the user himself. Secondly, it is convenient for the owner, as the response to quick registration is higher. If a person wants to remain anonymous or does not have profiles on social networks, you can offer registration via mail or mobile phone.


User profile


Previously, to fill out a profile, it was necessary to enter a lot of data in text form. But you can create a dating application that is configured for the visual perception of information, so the main function of the profile is to add photos. Of course, there should be a description of "About Me", small sections about hobbies, preferences, goals of acquaintance. The better the functionality of the user profile, the higher the probability of the application’s effectiveness.




Search filtering is an important criterion to reduce the time spent searching and chatting with people who are physically impossible to meet. Each visitor has his own set of preferences, and filters are a great opportunity to follow these preferences as much as possible.

What filters do you do? Everyone decides for himself, but gender, age, location are mandatory. You can also improve the functionality and add a search for users online, new visitors, interests, and other parameters.




Private chat development is a necessary part of a dating app. Users should be able to communicate. It can be limited to certain conditions, for example, a chat opens only after mutual likes. In this case, a number of problems with unwanted communication are solved.

Chat must be equipped with convenient functionality, the ability to add content, as well as a blocking system. Chatting is one step before a personal meeting, but it is in the chat that a decision is made about the date. Be sure to take into account international relations by connecting various languages ​​to the chat.


Search and browse


The search functionality should be extensive, include geolocation, filters, and other parameters by which one user can find another user's profile. It is important to work out the design so that the search and viewing of profiles are convenient, understandable for the age of the target audience, and comfortable on any device. The main task of the designer is to make an intuitive interface, a pleasant tone that sets the mood and convenient placement of elements for correct use.




The effectiveness of dating through applications depends on the number of satisfied customers. Customers will be satisfied when they see a real result, for example, go on a date. But it's hard to go on a date with someone who is 500 km away from you. Therefore, geolocation is a must-have tool that allows you to limit your search.

Proper use of geolocation will help to realize additional functions. For example, an application may show people using the same application within a certain radius. Then it will become even easier to get acquainted.


Push notifications


The era when the answer had to wait hours or days, constantly updating the pages of the site, has passed. Fast response is important today, and push notifications are a great solution to this problem. All popular dating apps have notifications, and now it's an integral feature, even if the user is not online.

You can make the notification duplicated by mail or mobile phone. This will allow a faster response to the user who received the response. Notifications help you communicate faster and instantly respond to any events in your profile.


Social media integration


Most users want to remain anonymous and do not particularly share information with friends about what they are sitting on dating sites. But there should be an opportunity to share, and the easiest way to do it is through social networks. In addition, you can bind the profile to the page on social networks, and people will communicate more actively and view the profile not only in the application itself but also in social networks. Naturally, access conditions should be limited. Integration with social networks is an opportunity to get additional advertising and new users.


Admin panel


To effectively manage the dating app, you need to develop an admin panel. It includes questionnaire management functionality, settings, and other features that allow you to manage the dating application.

The admin panel can be simple or complicated with lots of additional features. It all depends on the needs in private and set goals.




Setting up monetization tools is the main function of a business. After all, the dating app is ultimately created in order to make money. There are a lot of ways to monetize a dating application, depending on the choice, the functionality is configured. This can be a subscription offer, paid features for users, the connection of advertising, integration with third-party services, and much more. The main thing is to make monetization possible and work efficiently.


Dating Application Development Stages


Dating apps have been developed for quite some time, as it is necessary to go through a number of stages, and each of them has certain tasks.




It is necessary to study the target audience in detail, to understand for whom this app will be, what tasks and goals are set. Analytics takes a lot of time because you need to carefully work out a development strategy, “see” the application, and its promotion methods. This is the only way to create a popular dating app.




After collecting all the analytical data, specialists begin to design. A technical task is created, methods for writing code are determined, a prototype is developed. After the approval of the project, you can begin to develop.




One of the most important stages is the design of a mobile dating application. It is important to ensure that the user can easily navigate the program, regardless of age. All buttons, forms, fields, data should be in place, look harmonious, and be convenient to use. Therefore, the designer spends a lot of time creating both the visual style of the application and the development of the user experience.




According to the created project and design developments, specialists write the code. The app can be cross-platform, and suitable for both iOS and Android. Or be developed only for one operating system using native code. Depending on the tasks set, the development time differs.


Dating App Development Cost & Time


After we examined the basic functions of a dating application, we can calculate the approximate cost of developing an application as a Tinder.

The final cost of a dating application depends on many factors, such as: for how many platforms there will be development, start with the profit center or do without it, what functions you want to add, and so on. However, knowing the necessary stages of development, features, and the average hourly rate of $ 35 per hour for development, $ 30 -design & PM, 25$ - QA for the Eastern Europe region, we can calculate the approximate cost of developing your dating application.


How long does it take to develop a dating app?

  1. Native Development (Android and iOS) 

  • Registration/login/forgot password: 40-50 hours
  • User profiles: 40 hours
  • Private chat: 80 hours
  • Notifications: 16 hours
  • Matching: 60 hours
  • Geolocation: 24 hours
  • Discovery settings: 40 hours
  • Calendar: 40 hours
  1. UX/UI Design: 90-150 hours

  2. Backend Development: 200-270 hours

  3. Testing and Quality Assurance: 20% of the total time

  4. Project Management: 10% of the total time

Total: 906-1246 hours


How much does it cost to create a dating application?

  1. Native Development (Android and iOS) 

  • Registration/login/forgot password: 1400-1750$
  • User profiles: 1400$
  • Private chat: 2800$
  • Notifications: 560$
  • Matching: 2100$
  • Geolocation: 840$
  • Discovery settings: 1400$
  • Calendar: 1400$
  1. UX/UI Design: 2700-4500$

  2. Backend Development: 7000-9450$

  3. Testing and Quality Assurance: 4530-5530$

  4. Project Management: 2718-3318$

Total: 28 848-53 048$




According to an eHarmony study, by the end of 2031, every second married couple will be dating online, which means that the demand for dating apps will only grow.

Creating your dating startup, you can draw on the experience of market leaders such as Tinder to create the best app in the world.

Many monetization options will quickly pay back the development cost. But the biggest advantage of dating apps is that there can be as many as there are audience segments. So study your target groups, find intriguing ideas, build a marketing plan, and rush to the market.

Need a development team for a dating app? Write to us and we will help in the implementation of your project.

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