Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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IoT Software Development

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As Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, companies are struggling with realizing IoT’s promise of new revenue and cost saving opportunities from connected computer devices. Our Internet of Things expertise speeds up your efforts quickly by developing a technology roadmap that optimizes the integration of hardware, software, sensors, and cloud services to provide solutions that deliver your desired business outcomes.

Most IoT-hardware providers do not regard their clients as equals but rather make them an accessory to an existing ecosystem due to the lack of flexibility. In turn, our company provides you with a fully customizable hardware. Instead of having to play by someone else’s rules, you get the hardware taylor-made to your specific needs.

At Sannacode, we place a strong emphasis on designing hardware that is equipped with smart and flexible technology—from the lowest level board design to the application development and user experience. Through the latest IoT capabilities, we have taken full advantage of IoT by creating the ZEE Core app, the CardioLife app, and the Smart Office ecosystem, where we developed soft- and hardware, utilizing the most advanced and up-to-date technologies: analog and mixed-signal components, microcontrollers, embedded sensors, and many others. The IoT products we created have already helped our clients to get ahead of the competition by revolutionizing the way consumers and businesses perform their everyday tasks.

ZEE Core is an iOS application which allows to control the charge, memory and LED flashlight, as well as other functions of the ZEE Core smart case.


Smart Office is an IoT application designed to monitor and manage various devices in the office, as well as to ensure greater security in the office space.

We have the experience and knowledge to support you in your unique industry and technology ecosystems. By instrumenting people, places, and objects and the relationships that exist between them, our company has the capability to create new actions that will drive new business value and revenue opportunities. Our team supports all phases of IoT-system development, from initial architecture and design to deployment into industrial, operational, or consumer environments. With Sannacode’s unique combination of domain expertise and proven engineering services as well as business and technology consulting, our team is continually keeping pace with the evolution of the Internet of Things, an ever-changing industry. We are always exploring new IoT-based technologies, strategies, and designs to help our clients succeed.

Today, the Internet of Things is more than just smart sensors. It’s an infrastructure, a monitoring system, and the art of using data. We will help you to go beyond the connected devices and take advantage of innovative technologies, presenting a great opportunity for adding value to your company’s ecosystem. Whether it is a fitness tracker, an intelligent cardiac monitor, a smartwatch or wireless smart earphones, we are able to produce an IoT solution for virtually every popular wearable device. We can also bring your home or office devices together, whether you need to monitor electricity or gas consumption, control space heating or enhance security in your home or the place you work at. 

Our IoT Services
Data Capture
We develop hardware and software that capture and collect signals coming from enterprise’s products, services and systems that can be structured and analyzed in real time in order to detect patterns and anomalies of the data. Sannacode provides companies and startups with expertise in the instrumentation and capture of data from people, places and objects, providing an opportunity to improve business processes, deliver new customer experiences and increase customer satisfaction.
Real-time Insight
Today's device-driven world is forcing analytics to be performed as fast as the data is being generated. As a result, companies need a better way to consume data from IoT devices and provide real-time awareness to enable organizations to gain deeper knowledge and capabilities. We transform real-time insight across all device and machine ecosystems, empowering companies to extract and gather enriched data to make better decisions and respond more quickly.
Operational Intelligence
Data alone is overwhelming and provides little value unless systems or devices can extract meaning from it. We, at Sannacode, combine a wide variety of algorithms to bridge gaps between deep learning and computers, thereby driving new business solutions. By applying additional data sources and computer technology, we give businesses the ability to optimize and impact changes to drive new business solutions and actionable insight.

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