Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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Top IoT Trends and Startups in 2018: Smarter Products Come Everywhere

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Considering IoT startup 2018? Promoting a higher level of concern and awareness about the environment and world IoT has become trending. 2018 will definitely become a year of triumph for IoT mobile app development. Let’s try to gain insight into the reasons for IoT technologies popularity growing high.

IoT is a kind of communication between devices and apps that help optimize operations, reduce costs, boost productivity and improve our everyday life. Below are the most common spheres of our life where IoT has already become possible to use.


Doctors require face-to-face consultations with their patients to monitor their health conditions. Heart rate sensor, for example, immediately seeks medical assistance from the hospital, transmits data via wi-fi, and the doctor gets to know that the patient’s condition is currently critical. IoT has developed convenient and cost-effective means to monitor patient’s condition. For example, EmTracker is designed specially for senior people. The wristband with in-built sensor captures the signals of stress disorders and sends it to the phone. Such devices work in conjunction with custom-built mobile apps that allow relatives to keep track of health, psycho emotional state, and track location of senior people.


According to the United Nations, buildings emit 40% of the world’s greenhouse gases. The intelligent building uses 70% of indoor lighting with the help of a light sensor. It increases energy savings and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. There are currently lots of startups designing smart homes and even smart offices.


Imagine the need to manually manage 9 warehouses filled with 80,000 items. With goods tracking systems and goods identity chipsets it’s quite easy to check the inventory and proceed to store. RFID technology allows tracking of people, items, and equipment in real time and space.

Smart Transportation

Drivers spend an average of 34 hours a year stuck in jams. Traffic sensor detects jams and sends data to a satellite. The message about traffic condition is sent to thousands of cars so that they are able to load a new route. Smart transportation systems can reduce travel delay by 25% and emissions by 22%.

Smart City

Illegal dumping and lack of timely enforcement see many lakes and rivers across the world suffer the high level of pollution. Water quality sensors show the value of PH and alert the local authorities about the high level of toxic waste. Smart city technologies make environmental monitoring cost-effective and widely deployable.


Fancy manually updating 30,000 different product prices in a 5,000 square meter store? Instantaneous global price update allows updating the prices via RFID systems increasing business efficiency.

The following indicators demonstrate that people have already been able to use IoT in their lives:
  • high mobile penetration rate;
  • decreasing mobile data charges;
  • end businesses ready to adopt IoT solutions;
  • increasing number of IoT apps development companies.

By 2020 nearly 1 trillion consumer products will have some form of a smart digital capability. The world’s biggest brands digitize billions of their products with everything giving each one the unique software identity that connects them to the web.

Take a look at the top IoT startups of this year.

1. FLEET - a brand-new platform designed for fleets by Samsara. Fleet is a wireless product that gives customers visibility to the operation over the Internet. When you log in to the dashboard you get a centralized and real-time view of all your assets. Here you are looking at a fleet of delivery vehicles that are transporting foods from a distribution center to cafeterias and retail locations. With an app, you can see all the details about your vehicle: battery voltage, fuel rate, engine speed, coolant temperature, etc. The trucks are transporting food so you are able to install temperature with a special sensor. You can easily monitor the temperature regime during the entire route.

2. Hologram is an IoT platform that connects your devices and captures data. Hologram offers a certain number of products including sim cards that allow to connect your IoT devices from one country to the carrier from another one. Data Engine by Hologram offers effective IoT data management: you are able to message protocols, setup different alerts, analyze data collected, and store it safely.

3. Evrythng considers that now every single product can be more intelligent, interactive, trackable, and valuable by being connected to the internet of things. The company offers a lot of solutions. For example, real-time tracking for inventory that helps manage inventory from factory to your living room. The product helps manufactures improve supply chains. The devices and apps designed for inventory management alert you when there are any issues with goods.

4. Altizon offers a great number of solutions for industry sectors, from automotive to chemical. The platforms designed by Altizon provide rapid deployment and machine learning solutions for industry. Datonis platform, for example, is a highly scalable, cloud-based, big data system that allows producers to monitor all industrial assets you have and energy consumption in real time.

5. Sight Machine develops analytics programs for manufacturing operations. The company provides cloud-based apps for data acquiring, analyzing, and visualizing in real time.

Smart startups are here to promote industrial, healthcare, and machine intelligence. We’ve embraced IoT technologies as well with our ZEE Core that monitors the charge of your phone and a smart phone case with an in-built and wireless charger.

If you are ready to share your challenges with others we are here to help you develop the boldest IoT project!

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