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Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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Where and how can I find a dedicated team for my startup?

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Best ways to find a dedicated team for a startup

The dedicated team model (DTM) is a financial collaboration business model that is increasingly being used in outsourcing and software development in particular.

Traditionally, clients from the USA and Europe prefer to work with dedicated teams. However, in the current world situation, interest in cooperation with dedicated teams is starting to grow all over the world. Companies understand the benefits of a dedicated business model and can respond faster to changing business conditions while maintaining high levels of software quality.

Sannacode experience shows that clients choose a dedicated team model when they need to increase team size within the company, but there is no time or opportunity to hire and onboard new specialists.

Compared to other models, a dedicated team model is more person-centered. By hiring a dedicated team, most clients are not just looking for additional development resources. They strive to get motivated and interested in the project professionals who will be proactive and will do everything possible to ensure that the final product is top-notch. So it's important to find the right people for your dedicated team.

Dedicated development teams are most often used for long-term projects.

Accordingly, hiring dedicated teams is a common model for working in the IT market. Hiring a contractor for a specific task or scope of work is convenient for companies: they can reduce costs, solve a highly specialized problem, gain access to missing competencies and see potential full-time employees in action.

3 reasons to hire a dedicated team

Let us analyze the situations when a dedicated team is not only economically more profitable but also greatly simplifies, accelerates, and improves the quality of the development process.

  1. Development is not the core business of the company. In this case, it is easier and more profitable to outsource development than to hire a staff of engineers. 

  2. You have a certain staff of specialists, but they do not have enough expertise to solve the task at hand. Here it is also more expedient to find a specialized dedicated team, so as not to fill up "bumps", which in the first place will entail financial and time costs for the business.

  3. The workload of programmers. In other words, when there are not enough resources, and it is necessary to start work on a new project in a short time. In this case, it is also worth considering hiring a contractor, since it is almost impossible to form a good team quickly. As we have already mentioned, the recruitment cycle for one employee can take up to a year.

Where to find a dedicated software development team?

Having decided on the options that work with a dedicated software development team, the question is where to find them? We offer several popular options:

  1. Google (a request through a search engine is the most voluminous in terms of offers, but to track general trends for those of interest, as well as a price run);

  2. Upwork (a platform that has brought together many specialists from all over the world involved in various IT industries. Provides convenient search, ratings, portfolio of performers, insures against unscrupulous contractors);

  3. Linkedin (a business social network that allows you to search for partners and performers around the world) does not specialize in orders, only in vacancies, of course, does not insure against the risks of contracting a dishonest partner);

  4. "Word of mouth" (no better social network works, but assumes that you have extensive acquaintances, among which you can get a competent answer).

Recommendations from friends or colleagues

This is one of the most reliable options, as it has the background of the person making the recommendation. The biggest benefit of word of mouth is the ability to learn about real-world experiences with a company from people you trust. This reduces your risks of getting on an unscrupulous or incompetent team. The main disadvantage of this option: if we are talking about a highly specialized project, it will be difficult to find among those familiar with a similar case. In such situations, either recruiter who is familiar with this particular market or recommendations from people who know the market are needed.

Social media

Social media is another strong search channel for finding a dedicated development team in the IT industry. In addition to LinkedIn, Facebook is worth a look. In the United States, it is not very often used for work purposes, but in Eastern Europe, it is regularly used.

Dozens of colleagues and potential contractors are added as friends to the startup founder every day. All you need to do is place a post on your page.

For this to work, the Sannacode team advises writing a simple and honest copy, rather than a formal job description. It is useful to add a relevant picture so that the post is higher in the feed and attracts more attention. It is also worth asking colleagues and employees to share the publication, this greatly increases the chances of finding the right person.

The advantage of this method is that you will most likely find a company or contractor who has been following your product for a long time and understands your needs.

Freelance sites

This method has been used by every startup at least once. This is a great way to find specialists in foreign markets. The advantage of this method is a large selection of specialists of different levels, although, of course, there are still juniors in the majority. The downside is the fact that not all freelance developers have a sense of responsibility. For some of them, it costs nothing to take the task to work and disappear irrevocably. Also, freelancers sometimes do not worry about the customer, because they are sure that tomorrow they will find a new one. Therefore, quality often suffers here. However, it is not worth giving up on this channel for searching specialists.

To find a specialist with sufficient expertise, we advise you to look for specialized resources. You can find a developer on Stackoverflow or Upwork, a designer or digital marketer on Fiverr. It is better to protect yourself by choosing a company that has been working on the portal for a long time, has a positive history and a portfolio of projects. Also, take the time for a clear technical specification and define intermediate milestones and KPIs by which you will control the progress of the process.

Cooperation with courses, universities, organizations

This method is not yet very popular, although it often gives good results. However, this has its peculiarities. Recently, a lot of specialized courses and schools have appeared in the IT education market, and the quality of education in them can vary greatly. It is very important to understand the level of teachers and the educational process itself. It is worth working only with proven schools. Their graduates are very interested in practice and work, so for typical tasks, you can choose a junior team recommended by the course instructor.

Maximum attention should be paid to motivation, this is even more important than experience. If we talk not only about remote work, some of Sannacode's employees came to the company as juniors, no experience at all, but gradually grew, continued to learn and put their knowledge into practice, introduce new solutions, and, in general, proved to be very responsible, proactive and technically strong specialists.


This is the most efficient way to find a specialized company that provides dedicated team services. The main advantage of this method is that you get access to a wide database of IT companies and can sort them out by country, rates, and expertise. You can view developer portfolios and read real reviews from their clients.

The main directory for finding outsourcing companies is Clutch. As an example, you can look at the profile of our company and understand how much information you can find just on the spot.

In addition to Clutch, there are sites such as GoodFirms, The Manifest.

Нow to hire a dedicated software development team?

Even an experienced business owner can make mistakes when hiring a dedicated software development team. We tell you how to avoid mistakes and hire excellent developers.

Establish criteria for selecting a dedicated team

Big clients list on the site, as well as the first positions in the Google search, are not yet an indicator of the company's success. They can create an attractive site with inviting content, list clients, and provide links to their sites, but at the same time not have a permanent office, team, and registration documents, basing your work on temporary hiring of performers on outsourcing exchanges. Of course, this type of cooperation is in demand and is popular until the moment when customers and contractors do not need to resolve conflicts and disputes.

If you want to hire a professional development team, you should first formulate the terms of reference and requirements for the qualifications of the developers, determine the budget, and only then start looking for the contractor.

List potential contractors

Use the sites above and list companies that offer dedicated team services and have the right expertise.

To determine the choice of a contractor, take time for a video meeting with the company's project managers to assess the expertise, technical stack, the number of employees, and the level of their involvement in the work.

Fill out the brief in advance, send it to the companies with whom you plan to meet, so it will be easier for them to assess the scope of work and cost. Client-oriented companies will prepare you for a resume of suitable candidates for the first call.

At the first meeting with the project manager, you have the opportunity to learn about:

  1. the composition of the team and its professional capabilities;

  2. experience of performers in the direction you need;

  3. the form of cooperation and payment for services;

  4. options for resolving disputes and conflicts;

  5. the development process and further development of the project;

  6. the form and set of files, access after the delivery of the project;

  7. copyright for the product.

Before your first meeting with representatives, look for customer reviews of companies. You can find any IT company on Clutch. Of course, you can often find fake reviews, but they cannot be all negative or overly positive.

Check the reliability of the dedicated team

You have to ask the contractors for an example of a cooperation agreement. You should note that it does not be standard and contain a general list of points that can be applied to any type of activity. Each contract is created individually according to the customer's requests. Software development is a unique project, the terms, the number of employees involved, the cost, and other conditions of which must be described in separate clauses of the contract, as well as in additions to it.

Ask the contractor to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) so that all work on the project is discussed only between you and the dedicated development team.

You can ask the companies to send you a commercial offer - the form in which it will be issued can help to form an opinion about the level of professionalism of the dedicated software developers - a description of achievements and dry numbers can represent everything, but not everyone can present personalized, concise, understandable and graphically illustrated information!

The commercial proposal should be focused on your needs, in it, you should see the terms of software development, the services cost, and price arguments.

Sign a contract with a dedicated team

At the stage when you have found a suitable dedicated team, do not forget to ask before signing the contract to add clauses concerning the liability of the parties in case of violation of the terms of the project implementation (can be in the form of monetary compensation, penalties or discounts for other services and types of work).

Pay attention to the point regarding payment for services - it should clearly describe the form, terms of payment, and the currency in which it will be carried out, as well as the maximum amount that cannot be exceeded when providing pre-agreed or additional services.

Be sure to include in the agreement a clause on the copyright of the code for you so that in the future the dedicated developers cannot use the product without your permission for personal purposes. In the agreement, you can also prescribe the terms of use of information about the project, if you do not plan to sign a separate non-disclosure agreement.

As a separate clause in the contract, ask to describe in what form the code will be considered ready, criteria for readiness, and deadlines for the project.

The dedicated team helps to get specialists who will be completely immersed in the specifics of your startup. Besides, the team is flexible and can scale up on the project if the need arises.

Regardless of the industry, your business goals, software features, dedicated team model helps you get a dedicated development team that will work according to your chosen interaction scheme: remotely, on the contractor's side, or combining both formats.

Contact us and we will tell you how the dedicated development team will be useful for your software product.


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