Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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Bebar is a social network-like app with public group chat rooms where one can share and comment on the latest videos, pics, memes, and GIFs.


About the Project

Social networks and messengers have become so integral part of our lives that it’s inconceivable to spend the whole day without chatting with friends, watching videos, and reading news. At the same time, the social network market is saturated because there is a wide range of apps with the same or similar functions. The only way to enter the market is to introduce such a feature that the community of some messenger or social network would like to see but is not available in the service itself.


Thus, the main goal of the mobile application was to introduce the function that will allow one to connect to public group chat rooms with a common theme and leave comments in real-time.



Another company had been developing the project at the time the Client contacted us. Bebar had found its way to Sannacode mobile development team with a finished design and back-end part. However, the iOS application had been partially completed, and the Android app had not been completed at all. Thus, our team had the task to create the Android application from scratch and finalize the iOS app.



The mobile development team consisted of iOS Developer, Android Developer, QA Engineers and Project Manager. In developing the Android application, we utilized the Android SDK, the Facebook SDK, the Google+ SDK, Loopj, ACRA,, Firebase Cloud Messaging, and Localytics. As for the iOS application, we used Objective-C since the Bebar development on iOS was originally written in this language. We also utilized Fabric, Crashlytics, Localytics, Firebase, AFNetworking, SDWebImage, SVProgressHUD, ARAlertController, MGSwipeTableCell, Facebook SDK, Google SDK and AsyncDisplayKit in the development of the iOS app.


As a result, we developed a user-friendly and popular product, which is gradually changing and gaining new users. We have found a harmonious balance of transparency and trust between us and the Client during the development of Bebar, and cooperation with the Client’s professional in-house mobile development team has given us valuable experience in organizing the workflow.


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