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Destiny is a dating mobile app which helps single people find their beloved and take a pivotal decision. Set up your love search with the Zodiac signs, appearance, and age.  


About the Project

We believe two people are connected at the heart, no matter where they are located. Nothing, neither distance nor any obstacles, can change the destiny. It decides who you meet in life. Modern life is like a fast-flowing river that washes away our chances to meet a lovey in the street. People are plunged into work. Millions are stick to their phones. However, we know at least about one benefit they can get from checking their phones the entire time. We would like to enrich your life with a Destiny app.


Here at Sannacode, we have magicked up an amazing mobile app that removes barriers for two people to be together. With a set of specific features, you will be able to choose the right person for you. And what’s the main, you realize who matters and will stay in your life. Find your attraction with a bunch of filters.


Choose your man or woman by age, height, weight. If you believe in horoscope, meet your Taurus, Aries, or Gemini.


On the initiation stage of the project, we had to think our ideas through. Our goal was to give users something completely different from the existing dating mobile apps. Look, here’s what we’ve got! Tap on “D” in the middle of the screen to meet your destiny.


Do you hear how your heart’s beating?


Once you tapped, you will see your man of destiny. He or she will appear as a kinda profile with name, location, age, weight, height, and Zodiac sign. Look through available photos, like or dislike! If you feel your heart doesn’t flutter click on X button.


Destiny is heedful of your future and will offer you a different person. If you like a person and your attraction is mutual you will be able to proceed with chatting. Send photos and video files (with up to 1 min. long and 100MB limit). Why choose Destiny? We consider everyone to be beautiful and special. But we decided to facilitate your choice with a set of meaningful filters. To see the people who match your search the most you can choose the desired age, height or/and weight, Zodiac sign, etc.


Our developers set themselves new objectives to add new features soon. We plan to add such filters as hair coloring, eyes color and a lot of other things. The filters will help you meet and embrace your destiny miraculously.


The final set of functions and characteristics includes:

  • An ability to login into and sign up in the Android app or iOS app using different social networks or email;
  • A large number of adjustable parameters as a criterion for finding a mate;
  • Automatic searching for a mate and sending notifications of the results every hour;
  • An ability find a mate located near the current location of the user, or at any other place pointed by him or her on the map.


The Destiny development team included:

  • UI/UX Designer;
  • Back-End Developer;
  • iOS Developer;
  • QA Engineers;
  • Project Manager.

We started the mobile app development from scratch. Project Manager assigned tasks and responsibilities to the team members and ensured precise and coordinated teamwork.


First of all, we built the information architecture of the mobile application, and then the UI/UX Designer logically structured, organized, and created a single style of interface elements. We created several color options for the app’s interface and let our Client to choose the one he likes the most. As a result, the Client chose white color as the main one and shades of purple and lilac colors as the auxiliary ones.


PHP7 and Laravel5 framework was used for developing back-end. The product database was created using MySQL, and real-time chat function became possible due to the Firebase platform.


We used RxSwift reactive library to develop the project for Apple devices. As a result, this solution allowed Destiny applications to be responsive, resilient, elastic, and message-driven. iOS Developer also utilized Alamofire, AsyncDisplayKit, SnapKit, Realm, and Fabric, Facebook SDK, the Twitter SDK, the Google+ SDK and the Crashlytics.


A well-coordinated work of our team and the use of the latest design and development tools has led to the creation of a unique product, developed in accordance with Client’s wishes and requests. We also included some of the ideas we came up with during the project development in the app functionality. The final solution includes a broad range of functions and an extensive back-end for load balancing.


The bright design and user-friendly interface successfully complement each other and round out the concept of the mobile app.