Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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ios, web, ui/ux design

FlyFish365 app helps fishermen to find the best fishing destinations, to plan and remember their fishing trip and to share their trophy pictures with other users.


About the Project

Rivers, lakes, seas and ponds collect millions of fishermen day after day. Most fishermen perceive fishing as a hobby that allows to spend one’s free time with pleasure and profit. However, the approach to this kind of activity has become obsolete: many fishermen still use thematic forums and take along cheap non-smartphones.


Our Client spotted a market niche that wasn’t being filled and decided to create a mobile and web application that will allow fishermen to put the place they fished at on the map, to plan and analyze the best places for fishing, to have access to fishing blogs and various educational thematic information, and to communicate with other fishermen and share the results.


We had to develop an app that would combine elements of a guidebook, directory, and even a social network for fishermen.


In the process of discussing the features of the application with the client and developing ideas and suggestions, we decided to implement the following functions:

  • Analysis of the minimum, average, and maximum temperature, as well as the average percentage of humidity in a given location for the period of time selected by the user;
  • Weather forecast at a given location on the basis of real-time data obtained from a number of meteorological services;
  • Determination of the user’s current location and recommendation of the fishing spots located nearby;
  • Keeping a log of favorite places to fish at and sharing it with other users;
  • Watching thematic videos and reading thematic blogs directly in the app;
  • Communication with other users and sharing photos and audio files.


The team that worked on the FlyFish project included UI/UX Designer, Back-End Developer, iOS Developer, QA Engineers and Project Manager. We chose Objective-C to write the iOS application. After we created several design options and the Client approved one of them, we developed the mobile design in accordance with the approved concept. At this stage, we utilized UIkit, CoreGraphics, CoreData, QuartzCore and CoreText.


The most-labor intensive and time-consuming part was to analyze the weather data ever obtained for a given location and also to implement the function of weather forecasting. The app’s back-end was developed using PHP5, Laravel5, MySQL, CSS 3, HTML 5, Javascript, and jQuery. We introduced the function of determining the user’s location and the recommendations of nearby fishing spots using CoreLocation, Google SDK, and GooglePlaces. We utilized AFNetworking to integrate videos and blogs from third-party services. We also used AVFoundation, Photos, and MediaPlayer to let users shoot and share photos and audio files directly in the mobile app. Fabric and Crashlytics were utilized at the QA stage of the project.


We developed new ideas and implemented them accurately. In this regard, we are satisfied with the results of our efforts to improve fishermen’s experience, to help them save their time, and to enjoy the hobby even more.


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