Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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Raise For All


Raise For All is a crowdfunding website aimed at fundraising for social or charitable purposes.


About the Project

There had never been a safe way to solve the problems of ordinary people who seek funding for their projects. Nearly two decades ago, such initiatives could have ended up with and infringement of the rights of the ones who seek funding by expropriating part of the capital or ownership rights. People took on big risks and ran up enormous debts. Fortunately, humankind came up with crowdfunding. Startups, creative and charitable projects, and even presidential campaigns have been successfully funded with crowdfunding platforms over the past decade.


Our client, Xavier, decided to create his own crowdfunding website—Raise For All—and thereby contribute to the advocacy of and capacity-building for the growth of creative ideas and charitable fundraising activities.


After analyzing many companies that are specialized in web development web and mobile apps development, our Client left the United States for Eastern Europe, namely to the city of Kyiv, due to an amazing price/quality ratio of the local IT-companies.


Xavier held a meeting with several Kyiv-based websites developers and, ultimately, selected the Sannacode company because of its high level of competence, efficiency, a sincere wish to meet the client half-way and find mutually beneficial solutions. Together, we started developing the Raise For All project. The goal of the project is to create a web platform for collecting donations for those who need money urgently. Since Xavier’s a designer, he decided to develop a prototype and graphical interface for the project by himself.


Our web development team has taken over all other development tasks, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Campaign creation and managing;
  • Navigation, filtering, and searching for created campaigns by various parameters;
  • Donations and interaction with the payment system.



In addition to Xavier as a UI/UX designer, the web development team included: Front-End developer, Back-End developer, QA engineers, and Project Manager.


Throughout the web development period, the client made changes to the design, and the project manager responded quickly to every new request and ideas offered for improving the functionality. We relied on agile project management when developing the product. After making the development plan and agreeing on the timing of implementation, we proceeded to write the back-end. The Back-End developer created the logic of the web app using PHP 7 and Laravel 5. He utilized MySQL and Redis to create highly structured databases. Using CSS3, HTML5, Vue.js, and JavaScript in the front-end development phase has made the platform truly interactive and complete. We have also integrated the WePay payment system into the project to allow users collect funds expeditiously and without hindrance. Web-based platform Raise For All works well on smartphones, tablets and desktops due to the Vue javascript library.


The Client took part in every stage of development, launch, and optimization of the project. We are proud to say that the cooperation on the project has evolved into a strategic partnership, as a result of which Xavier has joined the Sannacode team and has become our representative in the North American region.

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