Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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Store CRM

android, web, ui/ux design, our products

Store CRM is a web app and Android WMS app that allows one to automate the accounting of goods at retail outlets and to create reports on various business processes associated with the receipt and sale of goods.


About the Project

The non-automated business processes at enterprises are becoming more and more archaic. The vast majority of companies make their lives easier by using specialized software for bookkeeping, accounting, and stock management. However, this is not the case for the small business companies. Heads of micro- and small-scale enterprises keep track of inventory manually or they use software solutions with a lot of shortcomings, such as: high cost; the need for a qualified programmer to configure and run the software; paid upgrades; low information security. We, the Sannacode team, decided to create our own warehouse management system.


Our system will ensure a high inventory turnover ratio by eliminating the drawbacks of solutions existing on the market at the moment and offering unique features that have never existed before.


The task to be addressed was to create a WMS-system for accumulating information about the goods management processes in a single source. The final product had to include both a ready-to-use solution and a customized solution.


The functions we were going to include in the Android mobile app and web application were as follows:

  • Combining all the owner's stores into one system;
  • A suitable inventory control system at each outlet in real time;
  • Simplified management of warehouse operations;
  • Automatic generation of reports and statistics for any process associated with goods management;
  • Conducting an inventory while continuing warehouse operations.


The Store CRM development team included UI/UX Designer, Back-End Developers, Front-end Developer, QA Engineer and Project Manager. UI/UX designer’s expertise made it possible to design user-friendly interface, which was tested by our employees. As a result, the Store CRM’s interface was acclimated by employees upon a couple of days of use. We developed the back-end using C# and Web API, and we also utilized Entity Framework and MS SQL for data access abstraction and the database management respectively. We used Vue.js for the front-end part of the project.

For the Android app, we needed a programming paradigm focused on data flows and propagation of changes, so we decided on the RxJava library and also utilized SQLite as a database and Retrofit 2 for performing network calls on the UI thread. We made sure that users of our CRM-system don’t need to have any knowledge of programming for the process configuration or to search for people with such skills. Moreover, we have provided an option of customizing Store CRM to meet the needs of each individual client. Thus, we managed to create a CRM-system that combines reliable storage, mobility, clear and interesting analytics, and automation of the business processes documentation creating.

The Store CRM implementation eliminates human errors in the order processing and more efficiently utilizes staff time. All the processes taking place in a store or a warehouse become transparent and easily controlled. Store CRM maintains complete and accurate records of the inventories on hand and the goods received, sold, and written-off. The reporting part of the system enable users to generate any kind of relevant and clear reports.