Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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TuneZone gives everyone a chance to show their car to the community, identify the vehicle’s real potential and to use this potential fully.


Alexander Kulakovsky, CEO of the TuneZone project, decided to create a social network for car enthusiasts a couple of years ago. A series of unsuccessful attempts to find the part needed for his vehicle gave him the idea that this area needs a technological solution. Indeed, word-of-mouth recommendations were almost the only tool in solving the problems car owners encountered with for many years. In this regard, a web app lication that allows millions of car enthusiasts to communicate and share knowledge about their cars was an excellent idea that came at an opportune time.

About the Project

The TuneZone project is an online web platform with a social network functions created for car owners. Alexander came to us in October 2016, and we started to implement the project immediately. The main idea of the project was to allow car enthusiasts to share their custom cars, to allow car parts vendors to offer their goods directly to the target audience, and to provide car clubs with a communication platform.


Alexander asked us to develop a social network-like online platform for car owners. Earlier, the project was carried out by another company, but the TuneZone founders decided to entrust the task of implementing the project to Sannacode. Our team had an aim to revise the project, create entirely new design and enhance functional capacity of the project. It was also necessary to make a landing page with animation and video, improve responsiveness and resilience of the web-based platform and make it work on mobile devices, optimize the functional part of the platform and, eventually, release the project.


The team that worked on the project included: UI/UX Designer, two Back-End Developers, Front-End Developer, QA Engineer and Project Manager. The Project Manager maintained constant contact with the customer throughout the web development process.


The project web development started off with collecting the customer’s demands and requests, drawing up the project development plan and project documentation, agreeing on the timing of the project and organizing the workflow in the team.


UI/UX Designer made a detailed analysis of the existing web-based platform, then designed a new user-friendly interface and provided several options for its visual design. Back-End Developers decided to automate the parsing process, as well as optimize the database architecture and the algorithm for calculating the cost of the car parts. PHP5, Laravel5, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, SleepingOwl and Docker were utilized in the development of the back-end.


Back-End Developers also introduced sorting and data filtering for user-friendly search capabilities to search for car parts, car equipment, and service selection for the user's car.


Front-End Developer rewrote the existing customer’s website completely, implementing the updated design and optimizing the speed of the website using React. HTML 5, CSS 3, Ecmascript6 +, React.js, Webpack, Gulp and Ajax were utilized in the development of the front-end part of the project. As a result, Front-End Developer managed to bring all the ideas the UI/UX designer had to life, "galvanize" the platform and make it more user-friendly and memorable.



TuneZone project was completely revised and ready for release in six months. UI/UX Designer developed a unique recognizable style of the web-based platform, designed user-friendly interface, and greatly improved the experience of the user’s interaction with the platform. Back-End was re-designed in accordance with the new interface. We created a responsive design and developed a trading platform which offers selecting car components and ordering spare parts via the website. We greatly expanded customization function, allowing users to upload their photos and videos.




As a result, TuneZone has become a full-fledged social network for car tuning. The project has already had 3,000 users for two months since the launch. An English version of the website is coming soon, and we expect that it will draw the attention of customers all over the world and will increase the audience of the project.

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