Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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Digicode Acquired Sannacode: Strengthened Its Position in Custom Software Development

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ZEE Core

ios, ui/ux design, internet of things

ZEE Core is an iOS application that allows to control the charge, memory and LED flashlight, as well as other functions of the ZEE Core smart case.


About the Project

Manufacturers are trying to increase the number of mAh in each new generation of mobile devices, but it seems that it’ll never be enough. Every smartphone owner knows the feeling you get when the device “dies” at the worst possible time. Sure, a portable charger is a way out but it needs extra space in a bag, backpack or a pocket. Apparently, a smartphone case with a built-in battery is the most efficient solution.


Our Client from Hello ZEE have gone further and created the ZEE Smart Core smart case which includes not only a 2600 mAh battery and wireless charging function but also up to 128GB of additional memory and LED flashlight. However, none of those features will matter without a special mobile application that allows one to use and customize the smart case. After considering all offers, Hello ZEE decided that the Sannacode company suits their expectations the best, and our team has been entrusted with the development of the ZEE Core mobile application.



The purpose of the ZEE Core project was an iOS application development to manage the functions of the smart case.

We analyzed every possible use case and user scenario in collaboration with the Client and identified five functions that we wanted to implement in the final product:

  • File manager that supports different types of files, from office documents to audio and video files;
  • Charge control that allows iPhone to recharge automatically via the smart case each time the battery charge level drops below the level set in the application;
  • An alarm that sounds if someone unconnects the phone from wireless charging pad or just moves the phone while the owner is away;
  • LED flashlight control;
  • A camera function that allows the device to save pictures and video directly to ZEE Smart Core memory.


The ZEE Core application development team included UI/UX Designer, Back-end Developer, iOS Developer, QA Engineers and Project Manager. We chose Objective-C to write the mobile application. We utilized PHP5, Laravel5, MySQL HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Gulp, Sass in the back-end development. We used Core Data in the development of the file manager function and created a user-friendly interface with UIkit. AV Foundation, Photos, and MediaPlayer were utilized to provide the iOS app with an access to the camera and with an ability to shoot and view photos and videos using the mobile application. We worked with 2D-graphics using CoreGraphics. QuartzCore and CoreText were used for animation and text rendering. We used ExternalAccessory to ensure the identification and communication of the smart case with the smartphone via the Lightning connector. The geolocation and accelerometer functions were made possible by the CoreLocation and CoreMotion tools correspondingly. Fabric and Crashlytics were utilized at the QA stage of the project. Other tools we used include SafariServices, WebKit, MapKit, Google SDK, GooglePlaces, Facebook SDK, AFNetworking, Reachability, SVProgressHUD, ARAlertController, and SDWebImage.


We managed to introduce every function we identified with the Client and take part in the development of a truly innovative product, the world’s first multifunctional smart case. A few months have passed since we released the project, but ZEE Core already has the potential from the market-driven perspective: more than three hundred downloads with a 4.5-star average rating, and these numbers continue to grow.


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